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CHERRY D II: As a sewer deodorant attach faucet and allow to drip in main line or pour in a small amount. Use full strength to help in areas containing sulfide gases and other strong odors. Ideal for use in street culverts, sewer upkeep, sanitary trucks and dump areas.


EZ-FLOW: Will clean and maintain water flow systems by chemically degrading the problem sources, e.g. soap scum, mineral deposits, hair, slime and grease in: bathtubs and sinks, drinking fountains, floor drains and showers, condensate drains and urinals and X Ray sinks.


GREASE BUSTER: Designed for cleaning organic build-up, grease and scum on the surfaces of sewage treatment vessels. May be used in digesters, wet wells, sewer lines and pumping stations.


GREASEMASTER: A heavy-duty solvent cleaner and degreaser derived from citrus oils. May be used to degrease engines and machine parts; remove tar, oil, asphalt and rubber tire marks; and used for many other applications where petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents are normally used.


HONEYSUCKLE AIRE: Highly Concentrated Deodorizer.


HOSPALI: This product is heavier than most conventional alkali drain openers, so it penetrates the drain blockage faster. It is formulated with potassium hydroxide and is designed to hold in suspension one third more grease than sodium hydroxide drain openers.


KLOG BUSTER: A concentrated sulfuric acid drain opener for use by plumbers and other trained professionals. It reacts with most organic matter such as grease, paper and hair to quickly clear clogged drain lines.


LIQUAZYME II: A technological breakthrough that Mother Nature tried to keep secret. You may have used waste degraders before. Liqua Zyme is different- a new, exclusive formulation backed by a team of experienced scientists and researchers. This genetically programmed group of organisms, begins instantaneous degradation of food by products (oil, grease, fats, etc…) that contaminate and clog your grease traps and drain lines.


SEWER SOLVENT #1: Sewer solvent and drain opener. Sodium hydroxide, dry solid, corrosive material. A special chemical compound with a high pH for use in opening sewers by quick action on grease, rags, paper and other organic matter that causes stoppage. Use sewer solvent at regular intervals to keep sewers open.


SSP FLOATER: Lift station floating degreaser. A floating degreaser that liquefies grease and scum cakes in lift stations. It stays on top of water emulsifying organic build-up on the inside surfaces as the water level travels up and down.


SSP FLOATER II: Highly concentrated citrus solvent formulation. This product is derived from natural citrus oils and is 100% natural and 100% natural and 100% active. Does not emulsify in water, making it an excellent floating degreaser. It is safe for use on most surfaces.


SSP NO-FOAM: An all-purpose water-based silicone antifoam for use in carpet steam extraction, steam pressure cleaning, municipalities, and wherever foam is a problem. Compatible with most water-based cleaning solutions. Concentrated for better economy.


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