Ice Melting Compounds

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Product Description


ICE MASTER FORMULA 100: Packaged in 100# drum. A premium ice-melting pellet. It melts ice faster than rock salt on walks, driveways and steps. Sprinkle lightly over ice surface – about 1 lb. per 100 sq. feet. Thawing begins immediately. Harmless to vegetation.


ICE MASTER FORMULA 100: Same great ice-melting product, but packaged in a 40# re-sealable pail with easy tote handle.


ICE MELT FORMULA 2000: A synergistic ice-melting compound. Packaged in 50# containers. Spread these crystals evenly – 2 to 4 ounces per sq. yard. Apply shortly after snow begins to assure easy removal of snow and prevent ice build up.


MELTZ: A fast working aerosol system which quickly dissolves ice, frost, and snow from windshields and windows. Thaws frozen locks fast and when used in advance of cold weather helps prevent them from freezing. Eliminates scraping and chipping which reduces the chance of damage to glass. The water-free formula produces a super wet spray and can also be used in advance to prevent ice from forming on windows.


MR MELT: Melts ice and snow and helps to prevent freezing on walks, driveways, intersections, culverts, bridges, steps, ramps, loading docks or other places where ice and snow may be a problem. Also may be used for sewage plants as it contains no harsh heat generating chemicals to harm operation of the plant.


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