Housekeeping & Cleaning Aerosols

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ALL ABOUT: A unique aerosol foam which enables simple and easy clean up of tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, industrial equipment, concrete and more!


BRILLIANCE: Brilliance is a quality blend of proven cleaners, 100% natural beeswax and special oils, which cleans, waxes and polishes in one step. Brilliance removes dust, smoke,smudges and stains, leaving behind a durable 100% beeswax shine and a fresh, lemon scent. Brilliance combines the rich gloss of paste wax with the ease of aerosol application.


CITRUS FRESH: Unique dry formulation air freshener.


DIS II: Hospital disinfectant and room deodorant – AIDS/Tuberculocidal.


EZ FRESH: Foam carpet freshener – no vacuuming needed.


EDGE II: Baseboard Stripper. For use on baseboards, corners, edges, stairs, tile and porcelain. Effective on most floor finishes. Leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance.


FOAM METAL POLISH: A non-abrasive, foam-type cleaner-polish for removing tarnish and oxidation from brass, bronze, silver, aluminum, stainless steel and chrome. Restores bright shiny finish to all originally bright metal surfaces. Leaves a residual protective coating to protect against future tarnish. Leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance. Environmentally safe.


FOCUS: A light foam cleaner which can be used on many surfaces: wood, glass, mirrors, Formica, marble, acrylics, and plastic transparencies. Cuts grease, dirt and grime to leave windows sparkling clean and haze free. When used on other surfaces, the concentrated formula wipes off easily. Proven safe on plastic transparencies by extensive military testing. Leaves behind a fresh citrus aroma.


FOG OUT ODOR ELIMINATOR: Not a cover up, nor does it affect the sense of smell. Fog Out is a true deodorant which oxidizes odor elements in the air. Use it to combat smoke and fire odors, odors of the sick room, animal habitats, skunk, mustiness, decayed matter, pesticides…..any annoying odor regardless of its source!


FOG OUT MULBERRY: This is a total release odor neutralizer in a great smelling mulberry fragrance! Use it to combat smoke and fire odors, odors of the sick room, animal habitats, skunk, mustiness, decayed matter, pesticides. Not a cover up, nor does it affect the sense of smell. Each can will neutralize up to 6,000 cubic feet of space.


GUM EX (freezing type chewing gum remover): Excellent for the removal of chewing gum or candle wax. For use on carpet, upholstery, wood, vinyl, paint, cloth, plastic and most other surfaces.


MAJIK MOP: This water base, non-flammable, fresh citrus fragrance, magnetic dust attraction, machine washable dust mop treatment is a penetrating foam that deposits magnetic attractors deep into rag, cloth, mop or broom. Draws dirt and dust converts to heavy lint. Keeps dust from spreading through the air.


MS KAYO II: A germicidal foaming cleanser which cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. Disinfects herpes simplex virus type 1 & 2, Influenza A2 (Hong Kong Virus), and HIV-1 (AIDS virus).


MULBERRY BREEZE: Dry Air Freshener with Subtle Berry Scent


Q BRITE: Oil based 100% food grade quality metal cleaner and polish.


R.U.S.S.: “Removes Unwanted Stains Safely”. A liquid dry-cleaner, stain remover, enzyme digestant and deodorizer. Recommended for cleaning and deodorizing: carpets, upholstery, textiles, vinyl, leather and synthetics. Pre-spot treatment prior to shampooing carpets and laundering textiles in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Dissolves grease, dirt and soil based stains. Neutralizes offensive odors and actually digests protein and organic soils and stains, such as blood, cosmetics, urine, fecal matter, coffee, kool-aid, ink, wine, iodine, spoiled foods, vomit, pet odors and stains, mildew, etc.


RENOVATE: This concentrated blend of poly and silicone ingredients provides a tough protective film which buffs to a lustrous shine. The unique penetrating action of the foam allows the product to soak deep into pores restoring color and providing protection beneath as well as on the surface. Contains no harsh solvents to damage surrounding surfaces. Convenient aerosol spray is a real time saver – no pumping – no pouring.


SCREEN SHIELD: A protective repellent cleaner and coating. Screen shield provides an invisible, long-lasting, anti-fog/ anti-static coating on glass, plastic, and non-porous surfaces. This non-abrasive protector resists fingerprints, dirt, dust and film. Improves visual clarity, reduces wear and scratching. Does not contain wax.


SEE-SPOT-GO: Excellent pre-spotter with vanishing action; neutralizes odors.


SHOW OFF: Foaming Cleaner Removes Dirt, Grease, Grime From All Surfaces Not Affected By Water.


SPRAY & SHINE II: Dusts, cleans and shines in one simple step. Removes dust, smudges, smears and fingerprints. Features a soak-in formula that restores life and brilliance to wood surfaces. Use on laminated plastic, blinds, cabinets, appliances and paneling. Eliminates dust flyaway, cleans and leaves a lasting shine. Contains no silicones or wax.


SSC/123: Stainless Steel Cleaner. This product contains an amazing dextro-Limonene natural extract cleaning solvent, plus excellent detergents and polishing agents. Cleans, polishes and preserves the high luster of stainless steel finishes. Forms a finish that resists re-soiling by dirt, oil, stains and water spots. Use on stainless steel, chrome, aluminum brass and copper. Leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance.


TIK-TOK: Odor neutralizer for time dispensing units. This product was developed especially for metered dispensing units that operate on a 15-minute cycle in closed areas where the control of odors is important. Unpleasant odors such as stale smoke, decay, toilet putrescence, cooking, flatulence and many others associated with humans or animals are hunted down and chemically destroyed by this neutralizer. Available in the following fragrances: apple (stock number 1453A), berry berry (stock number 1453BB), buttercream (stock number 1453B), cinnamon (stock number 1453SS), honeysuckle (stock number 1453H),lemon lime (stock number 1453LL),mango (stock number 1453M), and spring bouquet (stock number 1453SB).


UNIQUE I: Mirror and glass cleaner. This product has been uniquely formulated to create a residue-free cleaner that eliminates spots, film and streaks. May be used on any surface not harmed by water. Dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints, smudges and soils on contact. No spots, film or streaks even at warm or cold temperatures. Leaves glass sparkling clean. Overspray dries crystal clear, keeping just cleaned areas from having to be cleaned again.


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