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CHERRY BURST Cherry Scented Premium Hand Body & Hair Wash

CITRA-KLEEN II: Citrus lotion hand cleaner. Contains glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba, wheat germ extract and a bacteriostat. 4x4000ml tanks per case. Also available in a starter pack: Dispenser + 4x4000ml tanks.

INHIBIT II: High foaming antimicrobial antibacterial liquid soap with aloe and lanolin. Pump bottle. INHIBIT II REFILL for your pump bottles available in 4×1 gallon cases. Stock number (1831R). INHIBIT II also packaged in 8x1000ml bags stock number (1831B.)

KOMBAT: Premium hand cleaner in tubs. Kombat cleans with or without water. Removes stubborn soil and grime safely without harm to the skin. Does not contain any irritating abrasives or harsh chemicals, but works at cleaning even the toughest grime by emulsifying and dissolving dirt. Superior, cosmetic-grade cleansing agents remove grease, carbon, paints, tar, ink, rubber cement and much more. Fortified with lanolin and other skin conditioners and contains the bacteriostat, PCMX.

KOMBAT II: Same great waterless hand cleaner as Kombat. Packaged in 21 ounce tubes.

KONTAKT II: 99.9% Germicidal in Seconds Packaged in Convenient 1.7 oz Pump Bottles.

KONTAKT II: Instant hand sanitizer. Clear gel. Dries without wiping or rinsing. This product also packaged in 8x1000ml bags (stock number 1830B).

MORE THAN HANDS: Multipurpose wipes. This cleaner eliminate the need for water and towels. Its special, emollient-rich formula removes inks, tar, paint, grease and many other hard to remove soils even while it conditions your hands with jojoba, aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin E and wheat germ extract. Removes grease, ink, tar, paint, etc. Special skin conditioners, no harsh solvents, contains no abrasive pumice, contains antiseptic agent, easy wipe up on tools, equipment, etc. Heavy duty, easy to use.

POWDER POWER: Biodegradable. A high sudsing soap 100% soluble, designed to clean, without irritation. Removes grime, carbon, ink, paint, oil and grease. Leaves hands spotlessly clean, soft and velvety smooth. Will not clog drains. Use for cleaning hands after particularly dirty jobs and for regular washroom use.

PUMI-KLEEN: Heavy Duty Conditioning Creme. Pumice Hand Cleaner. A superior remover for grease, carbon, paints, tar, gasket cement and other hard to remove soils. Contains high quality, fine-ground pumice to speed removal of all types of stubborn soil without harsh chemicals. Fortified with skin conditioners and bacteriostats. Contains pumice, lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba, Wheat Germ Extract and a Bacteriostat.

RESTORE IV: Moisturizing Lotion. Soothing Relief for Sore/Chapped hands. Fast absorbing, non greasy formula. Replenishes the skin’s natural oils with lanolin. Light, sweet fragrance.

SANI SOFT Silky Smooth Lotion-based Hand Sanitizer

VANDA WIPE II: The latest innovation in combating graffiti. Non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable formula in an easy to use dispensing container. Abrasive yet non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning. Odorless. Powerful cleaning formula removes tough graffiti. Ideal for bathrooms, bus stops and seats, sport facilities, utility crews.

XTRA II: Citrus lotion pumice hand cleaner. Contains glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba, wheat germ extract and a bacteriostat. 4x4000ml tanks. Starter pack stock number (1819PK) also available.


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