Floor Finishers, Buffers & Strippers

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Product Description

BUFF IT: Formulated with a blend of solvents and resins, this product, facilities regular buffing by softening the polish, lubricating the pad, filling in scratches, and lifting the scuff marks. For use on asphalt and rubber tile, linoleum and various types of tiles. Can be used in offices, schools, restaurants, etc.

DYNAMITE: A concentrated concrete cleaner formulated with grease-cutting detergents and alkali builders for quick degreasing of concrete surfaces. Turns green when diluted with water. For use in car garages, service stations, and other industrial areas.

ENDURA KOTE: Non-skid safety floor finish is designed for use on wood, steel or concrete. Surface must be dry and free from all rust, dirt, grease, oil or loose paint. Available in black (Stock number: 7016BK), gray (stock number: 7016GY).

GENISIS I: Low VOC concrete seal is a water-based sealer formulated with both polyurethane and acrylic polymers. It is designed for sealing non-resilient indoor surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, slate, terrazzo and honed marble. Offers superior chemical resistance and durability.

REFLECT-SHUN: A high-gloss zinc-free floor finish for use on all resilient surfaces. Compared to conventional metal interlock floor polishes, this product offers superior gloss, higher durability, faster drying time, lower ammonia odor, better powdering, water and detergent solutions and maintains easily with spray buffing.

SEALZ IT: the perfect sealer for terrazzo, travertine, terrazzine, marbleite, faience, and marquisate.

STEP SAVER II: Step Saver II is a second generation wax and finish remover representing the latest available technology. It allows you to strip your floors and be ready to recoat in as little as one-third of the time required for ordinary strippers.

SWEEP IT II: An effective dust control measure for use on asphalt tile, marble, rubber tire, terrazzo, linoleum, hardwood and other floor surfaces. This product is a wax base sweeping compound.

SWEEP IT III: Sweep It III is for the most effective and economical control of your dust problem, sprinkle generously in front of broom on area to be swept. For use on concrete floors in warehouses, stockrooms and similar buildings.

TUFF SEAL: A blend of special resins and alkali resistant oils forming an excellent sealer for concrete.

WINTERCARE: Winter Care floor cleaner is formulated for use on all surfaces. This product works well in hard water and contains no harsh or abrasive ingredients.


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