Bulk Cleaners & Degreasers

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Product Description

AC/NA: Non-acid coil and fin cleaner.

AUTO SCRUB: Auto Scrub Floor cleaner is an alkali, butyl-based, low foaming cleaner designed for use in automatic floor scrubbers. This product efficiently emulsifies grease and oil while leaving no residue on the surface. Not recommended for use on finished floors.

BASIC BLUE: This product is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate. To be used in the removal of grease, wax, gum, dirt, oil, ink, mildew, mold, carbon, lipstick and cleaning badly soiled surfaces. Ideal for use in automatic scrubbers because of low foaming qualities.

FAST KLEEN: This product is a concentrated acid cleaner with complex inhibitors proven extremely effective for the removal of lime and scale deposits from air conditioning tanks, heat exchangers, water meters, ready mix concrete trucks, concrete forms and equipment used in the cement and concrete block industry.

GREASEMASTER: Greasemaster is a heavy-duty solvent cleaner and degreaser derived from citrus oils. May be used to degrease engines and machine parts; remove tar, oil, asphalt and rubber tire marks; and used for many other applications where petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents are normally used. Greasemaster may also be diluted with water and used for general purpose industrial and institutional cleaning where butyl-based cleaners are normally used.

KLEERVIEW I: A concentrated glass cleaner designed for cleaning all types of glass without streaking. This product is safe to use on tile, chrome, vinyl, plastic or stainless steel.

KOIL KLEEN: Koil Kleen is a blend of inorganic acids and wetting agents designed to brighten and remove water scale from condenser coils, fins, and other parts. Use KoilKleen two or three times a year. Use alkaline detergent monthly for removing grease, oil, lint, etc.

MAGIC BRITE: A concentrated cleaner formulated with a special blend of inorganic acids, solvents and detergents. Designed for cleaning and brightening non-ferrous metal surfaces where conventional alkali cleaners cannot be used.

MEAN GREEN: A concentrated steam pressure cleaner that rinses freely in both soft and hard water. Designed to remove grease, oil, and dirt from industrial machinery, equipment and other applications. Do not use on aluminum surfaces

NO FLASH: A 100% active industrial grade solvent specifically designed to provide all the features of 1.1.1 Trichloroethane without depleting the earth’s ozone layer. No Flash is ideal for critical cleaner applications in industrial and manufacturing plants where quick evaporation and residue-free drying are desirable.

PAY-BAX: A strong butyl-base industrial cleaner/degreaser. For heavy duty applications dilute (1:10); for wax stripping and steam cleaning (1:30) and for light cleaning may dilute (1:50). rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use on finished floors..Great for cleaning industrial machinery.

SELECT FORMULA 1000: Formula 1000 is a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Contains strong alkaline builders, water-soluble solvents and proprietary blend of detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents for effective removal of grease, oils, dirt, carbon deposits and many other types of soil.

SUDSY: For car washing machines. This concentrate can be used in car washing machines by following the dispensing instructions recommended by the machine manufacturer.

UNIQUE II: This product has been uniquely formulated to create a residue-free cleaner that eliminates spots, film and streaks. May be used on any surface not harmed by water. Dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints, smudges and soils on contact.

VANISH: A highly effective acid cleaner designed for easy removal of mineral deposits and soap film foam porcelain, stainless steel and other surfaces.

WASH & WAX II: Wash and Wax is a premium blend of detergents, emulsifiers, water conditioning agents and waxes, designed to produce a rich sudsy solution for the efficient cleaning of autos and trucks. Leaves a protective wax coat on a surface. Free rinsing.

WINTERCARE: This floor cleaner works equally well on all surfaces. Works well in hard water and contains no harsh or abrasive ingredients. Especially formulated for harsh winter conditions!


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